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5 Amazingly British Pastimes – Are these things you do?

The Brits are known for being patriotic and proud of their traditions – which is part of the reason there are millions of visitors flocking to pay the UK a visit each year with the intention of immersing themselves in that culture (or perhaps observing it from a distance!) We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular pastimes in Britain.

Sunday Dinner

The Sunday roast dinner is a big part of British culture. The original tradition is said to have started in the industrial revolution. You would prepare your meat on Sunday morning before making your way to church – and you would sit down together as a family in the afternoon to share the roast dinner. It’s still an incredibly popular tradition – and you will find lots of Brits tucking in to some beef or pork with Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and gravy to this day.


Football is an important part of British culture. Fans get together and travel all round the country for the chance to see their favourite team and cheer on the players. If people in the UK aren’t watching football either live, or on TV – they are most likely playing it. There are amateur teams everywhere where football fans can get together at the weekend to enjoy a kick around of varying competitiveness.

The British sea side resorts

There’s nothing more British than a day out at the sea side, whether it be Brighton, Scarborough or anywhere that has sea and sand in between. Even in the most bracing winter weather families will enjoy a donkey ride, a stroll on the sand and a tray of vinegar soaked fish and chips! But no sea side day out is complete without a trip to the amusements where a few games on the penny pushers, slot games and even bingo can be enjoyed! Some families will keep a coin jar where they throw loose change ready to take to the amusements and feed to the slot games.

Afternoon Tea

This used to be incredibly popular, and then went off trend for a while. However, afternoon tea is becoming a favourite pastime again and is a big part of British culture. Many people indulge in afternoon tea in the comfort of their own home with friends, or else potentially go to a nice venue in the city if it’s a particularly special occasion. As well as a spot of tea, in more recent years a spot of Prosecco or Champagne has also been thrown into the mix (no wonder it’s made a comeback!), afternoon tea has now become so popular, there are even websites set up to help you find the perfect venue.

A Trip Down to the Pub

Wherever you are in Britain, you are bound to find a local pub.  Everyone has a “local” – where they go for a pint, or a bar snack and to have a natter. Pubs are one of Britains longest standing traditions which despite several threats over the years (smoking ban, for instance) show no signs of disappearing completely.  The popularity of the British pub cannot be contained within the boundaries of the island, so much so, that in other countries – you will usually find a traditional British pub somewhere to attract UK tourists.  In a lot of these establishments – along with their “pub grub” – you will also find that they often serve a Sunday roast on the menu.

These are just some of the most popular British pastimes – there’s a lot more to British culture that can be enjoyed- you’ll just have to come and see for yourself.