The 5 Best Bingo Themed Cakes You’ll Ever See

The 5 Best Bingo Themed Cakes You’ll Ever See

If you’re organised, if you can bake and if your gran’s birthday is fast approaching, you may decide to make her a cake (how annoyingly clever and organised you are!).

But the trouble is, you’re not the sort of person who will settle for just any cake. No, you’re that person who wants to make a statement. A big cakey statement! You ponder the options, realising most of the shapes that spring to mind wouldn’t be appreciated by your gran, you have to know your audience, that’s the cake makers no.1 rule.

You think what does she like to do? Well she spends large amounts of time in her chair by the window, she watches countdown… And then BINGO, it comes to you. Grandma likes to go to the bingo!

Then, in a lightbulb moment, bingo + cake = bingo cake! Actually as it turns out bingo cakes are nothing new, people way more forward thinking than yourself have been creating bingo cake masterpieces since before you were born (probably).

So if you’ve ever wondered what a bingo themed cake looks like, or heaven forbid it, you fancy some inspiration to create your own, then come and feast your eyes on 5 of the best bingo cakes you’ll ever see.

1. Coming in at number one is this beautiful creation by The amount of energy that went into making these three tiers of bingo inspired goodness is immeasurable! This cake is nothing short of a miracle.

2. Rocking the 2nd spot is this absolute belter of a cake by ‘cakecentral’. The precision used on that dauber is magnificent.

3. Bingo cakes are great, but so are Rockets. We hear this cake was commissioned (allegedly) by a company famous for offering bingo games… Rocket Bingo. Apparently they decided they wanted their brand immortalised (for a really brief time), in cake! How many other bingo sites do you know of who have done this!?

4. The fourth spot had to go to Allison Oka-something* for her bingo centric creation found on Pinterest.

5. Is this a reflection of the modern day game of bingo? Is this an iPad being used for bingo? Or is it just a plain old bingo card? Either way it’s made it to our top 5.

*Pssst, number 4 is not a cake. It’s a hat! But you knew that, right?