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A Changing Trend for Food Delivery

It’s tough to think back to a time where online food delivery wasn’t a thing – some of the biggest platforms like UberEats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat have only continued to grow over this past year during the lockdown period – it has been absolutely vital for many restaurants and other businesses to not only do well but also start to thrive during a very difficult period of time. But there are also plenty of extra statistics around the foot delivery market that make it that much more interest too as some of the figures may be surprising.

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The users and the growth – Back in 2019, the forecasted number of online food delivery uses topped £11 million, however that number is likely already much higher, whilst some more concrete stats may not be available just, yet it will be interesting to see how the forecast differed from the actual figure. Similarly, during 2019 there had been 7.5 billion food deliveries within the UK which will again be very interesting to see the difference in number given the past year, but also how that number may change with a shift toward remote working and the increased number of people ordering food in. It has also been suggested that the average user has at least two different delivery platforms on their phone too, using them up to three times per month – another figure that will likely only continue to grow as more options become available. 

The most popular during platform last year had been with Just Eat within the UK and Uber Eats within the US, but there have been a  growing number of different services popping up during the same period of time which could certainly have shifted the figures – there has also been an opportunity for many big restaurants to develop their own delivery platforms during this period of time too, often linking big deals and promotions to ongoing events or other bonuses as there has been a growth in the number of services offering links to other platforms, players staying in and gaming on their phones for example with deals that you can find some at Max casinos for big deals to food too, and has certainly helped the growth.

There is a bit of a push now toward ordering direct either through phone calls or through restaurant apps directly given the cut that third party services take, and that may certainly be the next trend moving forward, but there is certainly a changing trend occurring within food delivery as a whole that’s starting to expand outward for other things such as grocery delivery too.