Cooking Ideas for Vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian, you might have noticed how difficult it can be to find interesting, exciting and engaging meals. A lot of the most popular dishes seem to incorporate a heavy use of meat, which can make finding a practical alternative almost impossible. There is more to vegetarian food than tofu, after all.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of simple and creative meals you can make that are suitable for vegetarians. Meat isn’t everything, and it is surprisingly easy to work around its absence if you know how. If you’re adventurous and creative, there are plenty of healthy vegetarian recipes to work with. To this effect, here are a few vegetarian ideas to get you started.

Soups, sauce and stroganoff

Some of the easiest dishes for vegetarians are those that utilise simple soups to capture the flavour of the vegetables used. This means that you can easily change the dish by using different vegetables, transforming the final taste of the meal as a whole.

The easiest use of this is a soup. A simple combination of water and vegetables, soups are a quick and easy meal to make. With the addition of a soup sauce or mixture, you can allow the combination of vegetables to create a strong, flavourful sensation. Whether it is a potato broth, or a traditional combination with the likes of carrot, onions and leek, there is more than enough choice.

A Stroganoff can have a similar effect. Traditionally served with mushroom, the creamy stroganoff has an instantly recognisable flavour. While the strong mushroom flavour adds its own touch, there is still no reason not to experiment.


Served by itself, pasta is a quick meal, yet it also goes well with a variety of vegetables. Pasta can be combined with many ingredients to produce a surprising variety of flavours. Used across the globe, there are a variety of easy pasta recipes that make the most of its simple nature.

A simple Bolognese or tomato sauce will go well with pasta. This in itself can provide a vegetarian alternative to Bolognese. With the flavour being kept in the sauce, the meat isn’t always necessary. A good combination of pasta and tomatoes will ensure a healthy and filling meal. If you need more substance, mushrooms can be added to give the dish both texture and weight.

Pasta also lends itself well to various herbs and toppings. Basil, for instance, can often be added in small amounts to add flavour. Likewise, if you’re open to the use of cheese, a small amount of parmesan goes well with virtually any pasta dish.

There are plenty of options open to vegetarians and if you’re open to being creative or trying new things, you can find plenty to do with even the smallest range of vegetables. With the addition of herbs, sauces and pasta, you can then expand this to create a wide range of cuisines and meals.