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Exciting Food Subscription Services

All of our favourite services have started to move online unsurprisingly, and it allows a huge number of niches to start rearing their head and provide unique services that many not have been otherwise available – the earliest options came from the likes of entertainment as our movies and music moved online and our favourite gaming platforms available here despite regulation like Gamstop took advantage of the growing online space too – the latest to follow has been with food as the number of food subscription services has only increased, but which are some of the most exciting food subscription services available on the market today?

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Pasta Evangelists – Different pasta dishes are certainly a favourite in this country, but for many going to the effort of making fresh pasta can be extremely daunting and very difficult if it’s something you’re not too familiar with. This service aims to take all of the difficulty out of that however, by delivering fresh pasta with garnishes and sauces that can be prepared in as little as five minutes – simply select the dishes that take your fancy from the online menu, set your delivery frequency, and you’re good to go – you can go back and change the menu selections at any point which go through a number of regular changes, and staying fresh for a number of days they can serve for some good meals.

Cure & Simple – Whilst there has been increasing pressure to source better meat products, it can often be difficult especially on a budget and this is something that Cure & Simple have hoped to fix. Posting a packet of delicious bacon each week from pigs that have been bred outdoors, it provides high quality meat that won’t shrink in the pan – available from a huge variety of different flavours  too with the likes of Whisky or Oak Smoked for example, it’ll be miles better than anything you can find in the local supermarket, and available from just £4.95 per week too, it’s not something that’s going to break your bank unlike some of the subscription services that charge a higher premium.

Earth & Wheat Bread Box – A newcomer to the list launching earlier in the year, this subscription service aims to tackle the bread wastage in the UK as over 24 million pieces of bread are wasted daily in the country. By taking the pieces that may be a little askew or off shape that are often thrown away, Earth & Wheat deliver a variety of different bread products including pancakes, crumpets, tortillas, and many others delivering fresh products weekly – often much better than what has been on the supermarket shelf for a few days, other than being a slightly off shape these bread products are fresh and delicious and being another very cheap option are certainly worth exploring.