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The Most Popular Food Orders from Food Delivery Services

Online services as a whole have seen a surge of new users over the past eighteen months, whether through entertainment options in streaming as big platforms like Disney have stated just how fast their numbers have grown, gaming options as this energy casino review has shown huge growth of its own, or through things like online food delivery as platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and many other have recorded incredible numbers. But what have been the most popular food orders from these food delivery services over time?

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Fish & Chips – It’s no surprise the chippy is still one of the countries big favourites, and not being limited to only your local just around the corner as you can now deliver from anywhere nearby, it has allowed many individuals to try out options they may not have done before. Whilst certainly not as big as it once was as other options have covered some of that ground but is still certainly up there as a nation favourite.

Sushi – This isn’t an option available to everyone, but in areas where it is available it is certainly a huge favourite too.  It can be a little more on the expensive side, particularly if you’re going for the higher quality stuff, but as something as a one off treat every now and then it has certainly helped it become something quickly growing in popularity.

Pizza – Another of the nations favourites, those moving away from the big chains have certainly found growing passions in individual stores that have been popping up with a more artisan feel. Pizza had been one that particularly over the past eighteen months had many individuals open up their own store temporarily and has certainly been a bit of a home comfort for many over this pandemic period.

Chinese – Much like the chippy, everyone has their local Chinese takeaway and their favourite order too, so it’s no surprise to see this as another that’s topping the list with the likes of chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, or chicken balls being amongst the most popular choices. As a cheap and cheerful takeaway, they have served as a great option throughout the past eighteen months and will no doubt be a continued favourite moving forward too.

With the addition of things like normal grocery delivery becoming accessible from your local supermarket too, this has been an option that has seen an increase in the same period of time as those looking to save a little money have moved away from takeaway and more towards home cooking, so it’s certainly an honourable mention to have the big supermarkets as a favourite food delivery order, although a little different from traditional options.