The Traditional English Tea Shop

The history of the English tea shop is as long as society itself. From the days when ladies first started leaving their homes to take afternoon tea with their contemporaries, the traditional tea shop has flourished and even in these days of fast food and takeaway coffees in cardboard cups, there are still tea shops across the country where people meet up to take part in this great British tradition of afternoon tea.

Tea shops are found in all major cities, as well as villages that pride themselves on capturing a little piece of time gone by and offer visitors a wide range of traditional teas along with scones or crumpets. Stepping into one of these tea shops today is often like taking a trip back in time, and many have their staff dressed in Victorian outfits to complete the scene.

The overall ambience is of calm and serenity, and looking around you can picture grand ladies of times gone by, sipping their Earl Grey from china cups and discussing their latest social engagements. These little slices of history will always remain quintessentially English, and the tourists that flood our shows looking to experience our rich heritage will ensure that their doors always remain open.

Although today’s tea shops remain very much as they did 100 plus years ago, what they do offer the more discerning tea drinker is a much more diverse range of teas, so if you aren’t a fan of traditional tea, there will be one to suit your palate. The premier English tea maker Twinings is a brand found in most tea shops in Britain, and their tea bags and loose teas remain as popular as ever.

Nobody offers such a wide and delicious range of teas as Twinings, and tea shops have moved with the times in that they offer the best of Twinings blends; from a traditional English breakfast tea through to the more exotic Orange and Lotus flower green tea. By stocking their vast range, traditional tea shops have ensured that they also cater to younger visitors with more contemporary tastes, allowing their business to flourish.

No hot beverage is quite as refreshing as a cup of tea, and with the variety of fruit teas that Twinings produce, there is nothing quite like taking time out to enjoy a cup in an English tea shop. Whether you live nearby or are a tourist, after shopping or sightseeing, drop in for a cup of tea and relax for a while, and enjoy the knowledge that you are partaking in one of England’s greatest traditions.