Top 5 tips on finding cheap Food when Eating Out

Top 5 tips on finding cheap Food when Eating Out

If you are eating out but cannot afford to spend very much money, then it can sometimes be difficult to know where to eat. Some places can be really dear and cheaper places may just not be good quality. There are tips below on finding good cheap food when you are eating out.

Take Away Sandwiches

It can be a lot cheaper to buy a take away sandwich than it is to eat in anywhere. Many supermarkets and others hops will do deals at lunchtime where you can buy sandwich, snack and drink for a certain price. You should find that as long as you like the options, you will be able to get a decent sized meal. You may even find salad in the sandwiches or a salad option and fruit options for the snack as well which could mean that it could be pretty healthy as well.


A burger can be a lot cheaper than restaurant meals and you will normally be able to sit down and eat it as well. They are not to everyone’s liking but these days, there is quite a choice and you should find that there are some healthier places to choose from as well, if you are concerned about that. You may have to pay more if you want something healthier though.


Pubs can vary a lot in price, but there are some cheap ones out there. They can vary a lot in quality as well, but if you like a lot of food which is not particularly healthy then a cheap pub can be a good way to get a good meal .It can be worth having a good look at the menu and the prices before you decide whether to eat at one.

Children’s Meals

It can often be possible for adults to order off the children’s menu when eating out. Children’s meals can be a lot cheaper and they are often healthier as well. This is because there is a lot of competition these days between restaurants on making sure that there are healthy options for children as they know that many parents want their children to be healthy.

Take Your Own!

Of course, the cheapest way to have a meal when you are out is to take your own. You will need to find somewhere in public to eat it, but making a quick sandwich, salad and taking some fruit is a really healthy way to have a cheap meal when you are out and about. It may not be such a treat, but it can mean that you will be able to control what you are eating and make sure that it is a s healthy as you want it to be and that it isn’t too expensive.