Top 5 tips on picking a good Restaurant

Top 5 tips on picking a good Restaurant

If you are looking or a good restaurant, particularly if you are in a place that you have not yet visited before, you may find it difficult knowing which to choose. You may find that there are so many places that you do not know which to choose or that there are not many places and you do not know where to find them. Below are some tips on how to go about picking the best place to eat.

Has Locals in it

If you are looking at places then pick somewhere that has local people in it. Locals tend to have tried all of the restaurants in their area and so they will know which are the best. It is usually quite easy to tell who is local and who is not by what they have with them and what they are wearing. This is usually easier if you are in a tourist destination as visitors will tend to have maps, look different to locals and have cameras with them.


Price can be a good judge, but you will need to compare several places. The area may be pricey or cheap so by comparing them you will be able to see which is the cheapest and which is the dearest. It is usually best not to go for the cheapest as they are likely to be poor quality. The dearest may be the best, but you should also consider your budget and how much you are prepared to pay for a meal. You may not be looking for top notch food anyway, just something that is of a reasonable quality.

Online Reviews

If you have an opportunity it is a good idea to read some online reviews. Look at recent reviews as a place can change over time and may improve or go downhill. Note what people are saying are good and bad and whether that matters to you. They may rate it down because there was not much choice of vegetarian dishes, for example, but if you are not a vegetarian that will be unlikely to be important to you.

Food Hygiene Rating

This is something issued in the UK, but could also have equivalents in other countries. It is a system to let customers know what rating a government inspector gives the restaurant. If hygiene is important to you, then this will be an important factor in your decision.


It is important to of course have a look at what foods are available on the menu. Take a look and see whether they serve things that you will like to eat and whether you think that they will be well prepared. Often the way the menu is written will give you a clue as to how the food will be prepared and what it will be like. It may detail what comes with the dishes and how it is flavoured, which could be really important.